Innovative and Customized Development

BSL is a known for its software development service that allows you to find and fill the gaps in your digital necessities. We develop customized and tailored software solutions using multiple languages and platforms to raise your brand high amongst your competitors.


💻 Web based software development

Our creative and professional developers work with passion and innovation to develop effective and efficient web-based software that bring you exceptional quality experience and is fully aligned with your digital needs. We focus on enhancing the user experience to ensure that operational goals and objectives to develop the software are achieved and not compromised.


📱 Mobile based software development

Mobile based software is gradually capturing the major share of the online software selling in the world. We are expert in identifying your business’ operational requirements and developing a mobile based user-friendly software with an elegant and attractive design. In such software, our focus is to provide easy and efficient solution to the day-to-day operations of the users.


⚙ Software development for startups

A startup business is prone to mismanagement of basic operations. Also, startups can not bear the heavy cost of customized software development services. We develop cost effective software for the operational requirements of the startups with limited but important features. We then gradually integrate the add-ons to the software on time-to-time basis.


🏢 Enterprise software development

When we talk about an enterprise, we shall focus on the automation of daily operational activities. Our enterprise software development service allows you to automate and digitalize various day-to-day activities like employee attendance management system, employee progress management system, fuel management system, cost management system or any other tailored system.


🏗 Customized software development

Our professionals can develop a software that is totally based on your requirements and is fully customized based on the UI, you chose, the CMS you required and the functionality you needed. We can write codes in every language and we are expert in designing a software solution with the help of multiple languages in a responsive format.

Our Development Process

No task will be done without following an appropriate execution process to achieve its goals and objectives. Lets have a look at what we follow to develop your software

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